EASO reveals its planned activities for 2013 in its third Work Programme

by zoejardiniere

05.10.2012 EASO has published its third Work Programme detailing its planned activities for 2013.

The report notes five main areas which will be prioritised in 2013 which are, providing emergency operational support in Greece and elsewhere where needed; developing the early warning and preparedness system for asylum as outlined in the JHA Council Conclusions of 8 March; continuing to develop asylum training through the European Asylum Curriculum (EAC); providing common Country of Origin Information (COI) for use across the EU and consolidating the organisation.

As well as outlining its planned activities, however, the report also raises concerns regarding budgetary constraints. The European Commission and the Council have issued a proposal to reduce EASO’s budget for 2013 from €15 million by €3.1 million (20%) to €11.9 million. This is of particular importance this year as from 2014 EASO will no longer be considered a start-up agency and thus the 2013 budget will be the ceiling on which future budgets will be based. If the proposed budget cut is adopted it will affect EASO’s ability to complete its planned actions in 2013 with reductions across the board of proposed activities. Furthermore, one specific area that would be affected would be activities on Resettlement and the External Dimension, where EASO would not be able to envisage any actions.

Finally EASO also intends to continue to support any further development of relocation activities within the EU. In support of planned enhanced EU solidarity, EASO intends to share the experience gained from the 2012 EUREMA relocation project from Malta and continue to disseminate and apply best practice in the field of relocation on any future projects.

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