Pro Asyl campaign against the adoption of the amended EU Reception Conditions Directive: ‘Flight is not a crime’

by zoejardiniere

07.12.2012 ECRE member in Germany, ProAsyl, has launched a campaign against the adoption by the European Parliament of the proposed amended recast of the Reception Conditions Directive. The amendment, ProAsyl argues, gives far too much leeway to Member States to detain asylum seekers, and argues that this is a violation of their rights, under the slogan ‘Flight is not a crime’.

If adopted, the Directive would allow for the detention of asylum seekers under six different circumstances, including for the purpose of identification. According to ProAsyl, this could lead to almost systematic detention, given that many seekers of international protection have fled without any official documentation.

Other circumstance in which detention is allowed for in the Directive, which ProAsyl warns could well give Member States a license to detain asylum seekers systematically is for the determination of the elements on-which the application is based and in order to determine the right of entry to the territory. ProAsyl finds it particularly shocking that the Directive would also allow for the detention of unaccompanied children under some circumstances.

MEPs will be voting on the adoption of the amended Directive on 14 January 2012, and ProAsyl is encouraging people to send a letter to their MEPs to persuade them to vote ‘No’. So far, over 5,500 concerned EU citizens have written to their MEPs on the subject.

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