UNHCR urges the Irish Presidency to promote high common standards of protection throughout the Union in 2013

by zoejardiniere

11.01.2013 In a set of recommendations, UNHCR has urged Ireland to use the opportunity of  EU Presidency, which it will hold from January to June 2013, to promote the conclusion of the legislative process of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) and address the ‘vastly different’ standards in the treatment of asylum seekers and quality of decision-making across EU Member States. To this end, the Irish Presidency should promote the transposition and implementation of the CEAS based on good practice standards, in particular regarding alternatives to detention and the provision of quality information to applicants.

In particular, UNHCR calls for the exemption of particularly vulnerable categories of asylum seekers, such as unaccompanied children and torture victims, from accelerated asylum decision procedures to be included in the recast of the Asylum Procedures Directive. Furthermore, UNHCR advocates strong safeguards to be included in the text of the Eurodac Regulation, given Member States’ preference to allow access to the asylum seekers’ fingerprints database for law enforcement purposes, in a departure from the original purpose of the Regulation.

UNHCR also highlights the need to strengthen EU Member States’ responses to global humanitarian crises, in particular the conflict in Syria.

For further information:

–         ECRE, Comments and Recommendations on the Amended Commission Proposal to recast the Asylum Procedures Directive, September 2011