ENAR: Muslim women face double discrimination across EU Member States

by zoejardiniere

22.03.2013. Muslims continue to be one of the main groups facing discrimination across Europe, in particular in the areas of employment, education and housing, according to the Shadow Report on Racism in Europe 2011-2012. launched by the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) this week.

The report, based on the findings in 26 EU Member States, shows that Muslim women are more likely than men to experience discrimination and abuse across the EU, facing multiple discrimination on the basis of both sex and religion. In France, for example, 85% of Islamophobic attacks target women, while Muslim women in the UK face much higher levels of unemployment than average, despite often high levels of education and a desire to work.

Islamophobia is a ‘mainstream’ prejudice that pervades all parts of society, not only extreme right-wing elements; it is often legitimised by mainstream politicians, and exacerbated by biased coverage in the media, the report argues. The study highlights that social projects aimed at the elimination of discrimination or the empowerment of ethnic minority communities have often been the first victims of government spending cuts.

The report recommends that a mechanism be established to collect reliable, comparable data on racism in all Member States.

For further information:

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