EP: Helping migrants access employment without discrimination is key to integration and growth

by zoejardiniere

22.03.2013. In a resolution approved this week, the European Parliament has called for a concerted effort to attract well-qualified migrants to the EU, and to assist them in achieving their potential through skilled employment. To this end, the report makes a number of recommendations; it emphasises that open and tolerant societies are more likely to attract skilled workers, and urges the removal of administrative barriers to and the tackling of discrimination in employment of migrants.

Furthermore, the resolution urges the prompt establishment of a mechanism to recognise foreign qualifications and diplomas, alongside a system for effective skills evaluation in cases of absence of documentation, which is often a problem for refugees.

Finally, it also urges Member States to remove obstacles and to allow asylum seekers to access the labour market as quickly as possible in order to facilitate their integration and allow them to contribute to society.

According to the resolution, since 2000, approximately one quarter of new jobs in the EU were created through the contribution of migrants.